Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dark Nights Do it Again

Dark Nights

You need to read all of this...From Matt Driver

Jan 14th 2017 – Haldon Forest 5K & 10K Obstacle Race
Obstacle 1 – “It’s like Herding Cats”
Trying to get seven people and a spectator to a race should not be this difficult! Are Katie, Frances, Nathan, J-P, etc. going to join us? Why does it take 47 FaceBook messages to organise? And while 1:15 might have been a little early to start, there’s nothing wrong with planning to arrive in plenty of time…
Obstacle 2 – “The Drive”
Broken down into teams, this test was an easy one with Liz Diamond driving Matt Driver and Richard Dodge, Richard Howes taking Steph Lara and Anita Rufus, and Rob Jones being the dutiful shopping husband to 1 and ½ Rachel.
Obstacles 3 – “Coffee”
On site a mere 2½hrs before race time is not great when Wessex Water are on site trying to resume water supplies meaning no hot drinks! The portaloos arrived just as it was getting dark, but Steph had already soaped up by then.
Obstacle 4 – “Conversation”
The main points here are “number two = poo”. Bathroom cleaner has a very male smell! Steph likes a sausage. Matt’s spaghetti looks like worms…worms that clearly rub up against potatoes so you should never eat potato jackets! Don’t get Liz started on fluffy potatoes! Anita is the most normal being a veggie. No-one likes gherkins. When do babies first kick and can Rob really tell? And how much water can Rob store in a moustache?
Obstacle 5 – “Memory”
It’s widely known that men can’t multi-task, but there’s a limit! All Rich H had to do was collect everyone’s race numbers AND pick up Nathan Gardiner’s coat from lost property from the previous race. Fail! Go back to the start Rich!
Obstacle 6 – “The race”
Overdressed Matt storms the 10K to take MV50…oh, just fourth place then…oh…not the first place you hoped for…awkward! Moving on, Rob, Rich, Rich, Steph and Anita also ran. Liz did the 5K. Rachel knitted three jumpers and a hat.
Obstacle 7 – “A pub for tea”
The Barn Owl is fully booked, so a walk encompassing the whole of Exeter (ok, we went up the road), gets us in the Brewers Fayre. Even though we were laughed at for turning up without a reservation, they fitted us in and did us proud…but with an hour’s waiting time…
Obstacle 8 – “Conversation #2”
With topics used up from the previous session, this was a tough test of mental stamina. Rob started us off with a chorus of “Whoomp! There it is!” The tap provided childish humour of its own by farting. And then we finished off the task with “eighties fashion trends”!
Obstacle 9 – “Food”
Jacket potatoes are FAR more exciting than they seem. Steph can even steal a chip from the chip stealing champion. Matt got ribbed about his food choice. Apple Tango (full fat) is amazing!
Obstacle 10 – “The Journey home”
Pretty uneventful…

YTRRC Challenge
If YOU want excitement, thrills, spills, merry japes and all round fun…plus an understanding of all the previous comments in this report…why not join us for the Moonlit Flit in Totnes?
Result link to follo


Luke Hicks, Catherine Hansford, Chris Woodman, Kate Harris and Paul Allen made the trip to Kent for the Cakeathon - a 6 hour challenge around a just over 4 mile looped course with cake on every lap.  Kate and Catherine set out to do half, Chris and Paul marathon and Luke decided on the day to get his ultra done for the hat.
Course was frozen and icy in places but it was clear and sunny so soon thawed out and became bog-like in places!
Catherine accidentally did an extra two miles on one lap due to not paying attention so ended up doing just over 15 miles. Kate did her half and the men all did marathon (Luke decided better of his ultra plan so early in the year).
There was also bake off competition. Luke and Catherine both entered cakes and bagged both first and second place trophies for their efforts.  Chris and Paul have both also entered Sunday's Chocathon at the same course.

From Lesley

At a committee meeting recently it was thought we should try to enter some races with a view to try to win team prizes. It's not always clear which races award these as a team prize list is not often published. However, I have found a few over the next few months which I have listed below. So all you quick members have a think and chat to fellow fast runners to encourage them and secure teams of 4 men and 3 ladies. You don't have to enter as a team - provided you enter as 'Yeovil Town RRC' this will be counted as a team. 

The few I have found so far are:

5th Feb - Blackmore Vale half marathon - 1st men and 1st ladies team prizes
12th Feb - Lytchett 10 miles which is filling fast I believe - 1st men and 1st ladies team prizes
26th Feb - Babcary is age graded but you still have a very good chance of winning - 1st men and 1st ladies
26th Feb - Bournemouth 10 miles - unfortunately, I think this is Full, however, some of you may already have entered and others could go on a waiting list -  1st, 2nd & 3rd teams 
4th June- Crewkerne 10k - 1st men and 1st ladies (we have won this a few times in the past so let's see if we can do it again this year)

The prizes are usually for 4 men and 3 ladies. The above were awarded team prizes last year so I'm assuming it will be the same this year. 

If anyone knows of any races coming up in the near or far future where team prizes are awarded please let me know.

You quick runners know who you are so talk to each other and all enter! Please let me know if you are 'going' for any or all of them as if I know I won't keep nagging you all on the blog!!

Marks Runs

We ran 5.7 miles round Sherborne tonight starting and finishing at the Teddy Rowe. I think the temperature dropped as we went round. The moon was out but it did look cloudy up above. Crossing over the main road we set off along a dark Lenthay road, to the last turning on the right. Then up the hill and right. A mix of narrow paths and roads took us back to Horsecastles lane. More paths and roads took us to Acreman street. We continued on, going past the Abbey and onto Long street. A long continuous stretch took us to the A30 at Dodge cross. We continued up the hill and along Cold Harbour, then took a right turn taking us through the houses. Blackberry lane took us to Back lane, Hospital lane, and back to the Abbey. Westbury and Ottery lane got us back to the pub. My cheesecake came with strange fruit tonight.


A good group of us ran 10.7 miles from Goldenstones this morning led by Lynne. We went at a fast pace running a clockwise loop to the north and north-east of Yeovil. On the way round we pased two other YTRRC groups running in the opposite direction. The route included Ilchester road, the A37 hill, Yeovil Marsh, West Mudford, Mudford, Primrose Lane , Lyde road, Pen Mill, and Yeovil country park taking us back to nine springs. There were fine overcast views of the countryside, and it was quite mild. We also included a loop of the Pen Mill trading estate. Thanks Lynne and all.

Street 5k

Just seven YTRRC runners at Street 5k this evening.  I found it more of a slog than usual last night and hated every minute of it! Luke unfortunately didn't get the PB he was hoping for but the conditions were against him last night, although it was dry the wind was cold. A good final lap and sprint at the end from Adam did him proud, well done. Our injured runners, Trevor and Lindsay came along to support us - thanks both, much appreciated. Well done to all.

Pub Runs

We need Pub Runs for the 9th, 16th and 23rd Feb. Please let us now if you can organise one with date and Pub. Thanks

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at  YTFC  6:15 pm 17th Jan

2.  Thursday Pub run is at 
The Brewers Arms South Petherton at 6:30pm 19th Jan

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15pm  

4.  The Sunday Run will be Goldenstones  22nd Jan 9:00 am

5. The next Championship race is  Sun 5th Feb 10k Longleat 10.00 am 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Insta What??

Stoke Stampede 

Today saw the Stoke Stampede 10k, one of our Championship Races so there were plenty of the Cub runners there. Sadly no reports from those that were there.

The Sunday Run

The Sunday run today had a good turnout and with the Yeovil Half and those cracking marathons in the spring it is a good training for those long runs with loads of encouragement and refreshments after. See the new Club Facebook for details.


Friday Night at the Track

Every Friday there is a great Track session at 6:15pm, this is open to all and would urge all those that have not been before to give it a go. The sessions are to help you no matter what standard you are at. You do not have to be a fast runner you are there to improve yourself. 
So come along.

Club Championship

Lesley has added Combe St Nicholas 10k on Sunday 5th March as a Club Championship race as it doesn't clash with our own Great Western 10k this year. Good news for all - you can now enter both and support both causes! Entry forms are now open on FullonSport. 


We now have a new Facebook page just for Club Runs please keep it to that only. All other Club stuff will stay on the normal Club page. The Club runs will be public in a few weeks  and anyone will be able post to it even if they are not in the Club. We have admins to delete any unwanted posts or those trying to sell crap to us. 


The Club now also has an Instagram account yeovil_town_rrc with now 11 followers. Get in now before it fills up and goes viral.

See the first post below. Sod knows who they are.

Hill Reps

Normally on either a Wednesday or Thursday Nathan takes a Hill session and posts on Facebook where and when. This will hopefully be on the new website Calendar so those not on Facebook will also be able to know when these happen.

From Nathan:
8 brave runners took on hill training yesterday. We met at goldenstones and did a gentle warm up taking in forest hill on a loop back to Southwoods. There we did 10, 20, 30 and 40s efforts with walks back to the start. We did 3 sets of these with a gentle hilly loop in between each set. When done we reserved our warm up to cool down.... (yeah was dam cold so cooling down wasn't hard)
You don't have to be a fast or established runner to join us. Just either someone who wants to improve or values company while training.
Provisionally next week Thurs, 6:30 at gstones. Things that may change it are the weather (ice) and most runners saying they could only make weds but we're trying to avoid the 5k.

Membership Fees

Having discussed at the Committee meeting this week we have decided that the membership fees have had to rise by £5. This is due to English Athletics fees rising every year since our last rise. 2nd claim remain the same as we do not pay their EA fees. This takes effect immediately and the membership forms now reflect the change. If like me you pay by Direct Debit or Standing Order could you please change the renewal fee to £30. New members will be £35 but does include a Club vest which are now £20.
This is still cheaper than one months Gym membership and you get a whole year of membership including the excellent Track sessions on Friday's. If you have any questions then please ask. Thanks

Marks Run's

Phil, then Simon led the pub run tonight from the Royal Oak at Over Stratton. It was cold with a clear starry sky. To the south west, at 4 o clock to the moon was a very bright star or planet? I know not which? The narrow lane took us past tall evergreen trees and a farm to the church at Merriott. I had not warmed up one bit, and was glad for the gloves. Right, right and left got us onto another lane to Hinton St George. We passed a posh house. This village feels unique like the centre of a town without the shops, and feeling high up. We then descended with lit up views across the valley. We got to Lopen and did a loop round the houses coming out on the Roman road (Fosse Way). Further on, there were tales of a 3 legged dog, mud and a large semi-frozen muddy puddle to get round. Some got muddy here. A very enjoyable pub run that felt fresh. Thanks very much all.


Thanks to Anita and all for the 10.7 mile run from Goldenstones this morning. It was fast pace and good training. The route took us to Over Compton, over the A30 dual-carriageway, round the outside of Bradford Abbas, Clifton Maybank, and Stoford. We then went right going up to and along Two Tower Lane, down to the Red House, and out to the East Coker road before turning right and running up to West Coker road. The last leg was along the main road and down Henford Hill. It was mild, and there were a few hills along the way. Good climbing.

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at GOLDENSTONES 6:15 pm 10th Jan

2.  Thursday Pub run is at 
Teddy Rowe Sherborne at 6:30pm 12th Jan

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15pm  

4.  The Sunday Run will be Goldenstones  15th Jan 9:00 am

5. The next Championship race is  Sun 5th Feb 10k Longleat 10.00 am 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year

Just a Couple of Marathons

While New Year's Eve is normally getting ready for a few drops of Red and a lie in the next morning Pete, Paul , Jane and I went to Kent and a lovely windy wet area called Dover for a marathon and then one on the 1st Jan just t clear the head.

The first day was trail on a wet and muddy 6 mile loop with six to do for a Marathon and three for the Half. Having been training for months Jane completed the Half and was first over the line and still waiting for her prize.

The second day was a Full marathon only with 12.95 laps round a cycle track although on tarmac and easier going the wind and rain did not help. The Aid station was there every lap with Jane supporting us from the Cafe. 

The last lap came and you carried a Flag to show you were on the last lap, this time Jane was ready with her Tripod, flash and Camera as we made our way over the line.

A great weekend with great company and great medals to boot. 

Club Championship

From Lesley:

Well 2016 is almost at an end so it's now time to think about your running challenge for 2017. The link here is a file incorporating the YTRRC Club Championship rules with a list of all the Championship races for 2017 (on the last page). The races with (SS) after are Somerset Series races. It would good to get a record number of YTRRC taking part in this - you only need to run 8 races out of the possible 19 to qualify (look at for all 19 as a few aren't included in YTRRC's club championships. Another challenge this year would be get some team prizes in some of the races - we have a lot of speedy runners now (you know who you are), so why not get together and choose a race a month to try for a team prize. I will try to find out which races give team prizes and compile a list. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2017.

Chard Flyer

The 1st Jan saw the Chard Flyer and this is Matt's Report:

Stomachs full of sausage rolls and profiteroles, a “pronation” of YTRRC runners (more collective nouns available) turned out for the Chard Flyer 10K. By no means a flat course, it starts after a stroll to the bottom of the town. After which, the pace picks up as the old railway line is followed alongside the reservoir. The gradient changes for an uphill section for over a mile! The drinks station at the top is little solace before a knee shattering descent and into the reserve grounds of the reservoir once again. Back into Chard we have a pleasant weaving section through the depths of the housing estate before the final hill and then 200 metre sprint to the finish and free water bottles! Yippee!
Orlando Brooke took the honours claiming overall third place while Bryn Phillips hauled home his stuffy nose to claim overall sixth. Without a team prize Tim Howes creditable 39th beat Matt Driver by over a minute. Nikki Guiver was first YTRRC girl and also had an age prize while fending off the charging Kevin Doherty.
Feeling dodgy before the race is no excuse and J-P Humpreys overcame aches and pains to beat Rob Adams and Kirsty Norman(now running for a decent club – YTRRC). Having not run since last year (Ha ha – his joke not mine) Brian Mountjoy-Row pipped Jo Henley who had a personal best of not running a race for 3 hours or so.
The ever-young Lesley Nesbitt is still on the youth elixir, again winning her age group while Linda Membury’s new hops diet got her home easily inside the hour. Alan Smith was a painful minute the wrong side of the hour, but will be using that as motivation for the next event. Between bouts of Prosecco Francis Swatridge stode in ahead of Sarah Hyett, with Adam Hawkins the rose between the thorns triumphing against Kimberly Weston. Katie Brooks and Deborah Keeble enjoyed the event so much they took their time beating last place by around half an hour!
Congrats to Nick and Flora Brooke competing for Dorset Doddlers.

The Results can be found here.

Marks Pub Run's


Tonight we ran with Phil from the Rose and Crown at Bower Hinton. My first run for a week due to a grotty cold. We ran up the main street to Martock and out to Coat and into the darkness. Care was needed due to it being slippery underfoot. With the darkness and cold came smells of silage and muck, and we ran past the bridge and out to East Lambrook. A left turn got us heading towards South Petherton. At Atkins Gate we turned left and headed back. High up on a stone wall past the Parrett works was a well lit up Christmas tree with all the primary colours. We continued in the cold dark towards the orange glow of Martock and the pub. A nice run of 6.5 miles to try and clear the cold and overcome some of the excess.

Tonight we went off-road and ran down a narrow muddy path lined with fallen leaves. The head torches kept the group out of the hedges. The other five and a half miles of Brian's run were along country lanes to the south west of Yeovil. We went past Tellis Cross, Coker Court, Beryl Knapp, Holywell, and Inglemount, and came back via the Yeovil streets between the A30 and A37. The last leg being a straight run down the A37 back to the busy pub. The roads seemed a bit slippery in places, probably because of the damp. The sky was clear and starry. Orion was up there along with the others. A nice pub run just before Christmas.

Percy Pud 10k

The Chairman completed the Percy Pud in Sheffield on the 4th Dec and sent in this report:

After battling against the tail end of Storm Desmond last year, this year was sunny, with no wind and a temperature of 5 degrees. It was a great race with both the male and female course records being broken and the first male finishing in under 30 minutes which was a first for this course. I had a good run, initially tucking in behind two Christmas Puddings who were doing a steady eight minute mile pace and then, feeling good, pressed on past a banana and finished in the fastest time that I have done since 2012.  Not only was every finisher rewarded with a Christmas pudding but we we also got a sachet of custard this year! 

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at YTFC 6:15 pm 3rd Jan

2.  Thursday Pub run is at TBC at 6:30pm 5th Jan

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15pm  

4.  The Sunday Short Run will be Goldenstones  8th Jan 9:00 am

5. The next Championship race is  Sun 8th 10k  Stoke Stampede 11.00 am

Monday, 19 December 2016

Happy Christmas from YTRRC

The Usual Suspects 

This weekend saw Paul and I had down to Dover for a Double Marathon at Samphire Hoe, the Park is the waste from the Channel Tunnel and just happens to be a 3.75 mile loop so ideal for a Marathon. 

It was my first time running in Dover it the Sun with no rain or wind. The medals were massive and has your name on it. This was a challenge event so if you wanted you could have done one lap to get the medal, but 7 was better.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith, 34, of Portishead, Bristol, battled back from injury to pass his fundraising target of £250,000.
The award, for achievement in the face of adversity, is in memory of the BBC presenter who died of cancer in 1999.
Smith ran more than 10,000 miles despite a serious back injury that required intensive physiotherapy.
He began his charity attempt on 1 September 2015 and ran 284 consecutive marathons in 284 days.
A hernia and back injury in June forced him to stop for 10 days to recover before resuming and making up the lost mileage.
Having suffered bullying as a child, Smith wanted to raise awareness of the damage caused and to support his chosen charities, Kidscape and Stonewall.
Thousands of people backed him along the way and he was cheered through the finishing line by hundreds of supporters.

The Dark Nights

Nine, nine was the number of the valiant and the brave. The brave runners who took up the challenge of the ancient college of Dartington. Who stepped forward to represent Yeovil and Somerset against the Devon hordes. They did not care if they were fastish runners or less so, whether they could win or not, they would face the challenge and give their best, while hoping that would be enough, to see them safely home to the finish line.
The journey was attritional. Not one to brave without adequate substance. Upon arrival we were informed the host that was gathering was indeed massive. We took our motor carriages to parking off site and trekked back to the college.
The two minute warning.
The one minute warning.
30 seconds.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
And we were off. Dashing through the college, along the treacherous concrete path and into the woods beyond. Climbing through the woods, through thick thick mud. The original concrete and gravel deep below.
After the up came the down. A treacherous descent where the normal steps were changed in mud flow, mud oozing down them. Our brave racers steadied themselves and escaped with their shorts cleans. Onto towards the riverside plantation and past the 5k split. Dodging between the trees dunking under the branches straining for every advantage looking the shortest route or the firmest footing as they ran along the river. A step here, a plank across a ford there, they encountered it all as they made their way out of the woods and it a great grass meadow.
In happy times the meadow would be a blessing. That night the ground soft and energy sapping. Slowing our runners as a chill mist engulfed them. Chasing the lights in front of them. Striving to find a dry line across those fields. This boggy meadow was the last flat significant flat ground of the night till the home straight. Having done the course before they all knew what was awaiting them. All they could do was grit their teeth and steel their resolve for the test ahead.
A few quick steps up and they were onto a short concrete dash. Those that had the energy enjoyed it briefly using the firm footing to advance on those in front who were suffering. But all too soon they saw the marshal ahead. Calling them back off the steps and pointing upwards. The first test was a steep flight of steps they conquered that. A short false flat and the climb was on again. It was steep, so very steep, only the best, the brave and the foolish could hope to take it speed. Many walked to conserve energy. This time it seemed shorter, gathering what energy they could they took the corner to find themselves confronted by yet more hill, what treachery was this!? They thought they had just conquered the night’s stiffest challenge but now they had more to do….
Climbing again they battled onwards, struggling to pick up the pace as their tired legs topped the hill. The next km was more down than up. Sweet relief for the legs but a bitter pill for the brain. For the runners knew they’d have to gain that height again. Through field and track went on. If they fell, they picked themselves and tried all the harder.
The next steady climb began in a field, the lights in front slowed and the gradient increased and they climbed to the highest point of the night. Topping out a marshal directed them into the college’s hallowed grounds. Running through its central avenue those that still had life in their legs tried to pick up the pace before turning towards a farm and onto areas with more treacherous footing. Back along the far side of the plantation and heading into those muddy woods in which their ordeal began. Somewhere in here our ten k runners picked up the 5k route. Their headlights bounced of their clothing. Those that could spare the breath tried to utter words of encouragement to the back markers from the 5k. Many of which in turn cheered those racing the 10k on. Mutual respect for anyone who would take on this challenge no matter their ability or the course they chose. All were testing themselves and courageously pushing their limits.
The climbing began, steady at first but soon many were slowed to walking pace as the gradient suddenly ramped up. Conquering that steep slope in the woods our racers tried to run on. Up the hill. They trudged through the slippery mud. Those that had been there before knew they had to pass those ahead before the end of the hill. For all too soon they’d be on the narrow concrete finishing straight. They reached the arrow off the hill and plunged a quick sharp drop down. They attacked but the footing was treacherous and they struggled for grip. This was new. Woods lay ahead. Confusing woods with no clear path. They danced through the trees, dodging this way and that searching for tape and course markings to see them safely through this final test. Brief moments of doubt engulfed them but there it was. Finally, the concrete path. Slippery in the dampness of the night they raced. Urging themselves on so as not to get picked off behind. They could see the finishing line, a tight corner to the left, a ramp and to the right and they were there. Spectators cheering them in. Water, medal. They savoured their triumph and greeted friends. It was then that the 10k runners found out the most amazing news of the night. One of their number had won the 5k for Steph was the 1st runner home.
We look forward to the challenges ahead and hope you’ll join us. Not just on the race but on the road trip down but in the pub afterwards where we break bread together (when we get there in time) and celebrate everyone’s achievements. This time we were joined by the race organisers whom we must thank for suggesting the excellent Cott in Dartington.
Ps if Matt asks you if you want to see a picture of Rob from the night just say no.
5k womens results out of 30:
Stephanie Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 30:55.8 -
Elizabeth Diamond Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 38:01.6 +7:05.8
10k overall results out of 135 finishers
1 Casey, Jack Wild Running - Wild Running 43:18.5 -
16 Gardiner, Nathan Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 51:25.9 +8:07.4
19 Gary StickleyGary Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 52:24.7 +9:06.2
32 Rob Jones Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 55:48.2 +12:29.7
40 Matthew Driver Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 57:41.3 +14:22.8
44 Richard Howes Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 58:15.0 +14:56.5
104 Richard Dodge Yeovil Town RRC 1:07:53.2 +34:34.7
111 Anita Farquhar Rufus Dark Knights - Yeovil Town RRC 1:09:04.8 +35:46.3
Anita was 30th out of 47 women

No official results spotted but three of the night runners took on a new race from Sika Adventures on Saturday. A hilly number with 550m of ascent the race started from Bicton Arena and went to Woodbury Common. Also used in the Bicton Blister. Being a first race was a small field and although there were difficulties the course was fairly well marked for a first event. The 25 person field included some strong runners. At £13 with affiliation this was a bargain of a race with 2 aid stations. A good race HQ with ample toilets and showers plus reasonably well stocked aid stations on course. Free photos, tea, mulled wine, mince pies and well stocked goody bags at the end made it a bit of a bargain.
We found a decent pub to stop for food on the way home to :)
Nathan, John-Paul Humphreys and Matthew Driver all finished the half.
PS it's the RD's dog and photo before the start

Street 5k

Team Yeovil for December's Street 5k.
Not a PB for me but very pleased with my consistent laps/pace :-)
Next Street race January 11th
 — with Kevin StennerAdam HawkinsPeter JakemanLuke HicksLindsay SaundersTrevor Strelley and Lesley Nesbitt.

Lee Valley Half

From Kevin Doherty:

In a last ditch attempt to get sub 1:40 half marathon this year I searched the Internet for an event,
coming across  who organise running events in London.
date was 17th December  and venue was Lee Valley Olympic Park ( close to Velodrome ).
Fitted around work a little bit ! left my Truck near Heathrow Friday afternoon Tube into Stratford, pre booked AirB&B room for Friday night 1 mile from venue for Saturday morning 9am start.
This event had Half Marathon, 10 mile , 10 k , 5 k and 1 mile races  using a 1 mile tarmac cycle path total of
400 runners with different start times for each race – all entries chip timed with mile splits recorded too.
It was cold and foggy but the organisation was great along with atmosphere, it is a long way to go but plenty to
do in the area for the whole family, Swimming at the Olympic pool, The Velodrome ,  Watch West Ham at the Olympic Stadium,
Westfield Shopping centre and Stratford Tube all walking distance.
The race was ok –  ( not for everyone 13 times around same 1 mile lap ).
a little crowded at times but always someone in front to catch up with ( or be lapped ).
Finished in 1:41:04  current PB so cant grumble.

Marks Pub Run

Tonights pub run started at the Bell Inn Ash and was led by Phil. The first bit was dark involving country lanes and farmyard smells (Witcombe and Milton). There were some muddy puddles as well. We crossed over at Stapleton Cross and ran out to Coat. The Christmas lights vere getting bolder and brighter. We turned left and ran down into the centre of Martock, which was very well lit up. A low picket fence was adorned with bright coloured lights as if to attract night goblins or something else? We continued down to the public toilets and went left and headed back into the dark. The final leg up Martock Lane took us back to Ash where we finished with 5.5 miles. The high-light of the evening was the art-deco Tea Pot served in the pub. Another good pub run.

Wellington Monument 10k

The Club was represented by three oldies at the Wellington Monument 10k today, myself, Richard and Adam. The sun was shining with atmospheric low mist over the fields. It's a tough race climbing up from Hemyock to the monument running around it and back down to Hemyock with a sting in the tail running uphill thru the village to the finish. We were then rewarded with mulled wine, mince pie and a bottle of Sheppy's cider to take home. Well done to both Richard and Adam who improved on their last year's time and I managed to get 1st FV65 (probably the only one!) Results not out yet.

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at YTFC 6:15 pm 20th Dec

2.  Thursday Pub run is at The Red House on the A37 at 6:30pm

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15pm  

4.  The Sunday Short Run will be Goldenstones 9:00 am

5. The next Championship race is Fri 1st 10k Chard Flyer  (SS) 11.00 am