Monday, 17 April 2017

A Happy Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny by YTRRC

Well, all I can say is what a great day and a superb effort by all those Club Members that helped, ran and also baked cakes for today's Easter Bunny. We had 411 finishers with over 460 entries. 

Ok we were once again lucky with the weather as the Hall does not coup with much more than 150. The girls, Mel and Denise did a great job knocking out the Tea's, Coffee and Cakes and those doing the Race Numbers had a busy time from 10 - 10:30 with a rush on those that paid on the day as well.

A slight delay with the start of the race due to numbers in the Fun Run and thanks to Adam for sorting this out.  

On the Club front, we had Darrell Sheen first over the line and Kate Hayden was our first Lady. The full results can be seen here.

The only complaint was a few runners getting scared of the Marshals which is a fair point. 

From Pete:

A line from the Race Adjudicator, “very well done, I have spoken with a number of the runners and they have all commented on how well it was organised, the signage and marshals, a great run”.

One runner approached me to say “ the support on the course is brilliant, the marshals are really great, best race I’ve competed in.

So, all marshals, helpers, lead cyclists, numbers allocators, medal handouts, water stop personnel, pacers and our “tea ladies” and anybody, I might have missed (sorry) – give yourselves a big pat on the back because without your support and help we don’t have a race, in fact we wouldn’t have a club, so from Captain Slim and myself – thank you one and all,

The children who helped did a magnificent job, I saw one young lady who insisted each runner gave her a high five before giving out a medal, “might add that in next year”!   They can come again.

I spoke with Paul Card, one of our lead cyclists after the race who was most impressed with the lead runners, he said he wished he had a head cam fixed to his helmet facing the runners.  Perhaps something we could think about next year which could go on our website for all to watch and encourage entries, not that we were short this year.

Another thank you must go to Fullonsport, it worked seamlessly, results as requested on time ready for the presentation.

As for the Fun Run, I believe Adam Hawkins was slightly overwhelmed or should that be over subscribed with children for his race.  I do owe him an apology as he was just leaving the Pavilion when I started the main race, causing him to do his sprint at the start, not at the finish.

For me it’s time to fill out the official paperwork as required by RunBritian (already received their email), I did consider giving it to Guy to complete but it would probably get splashed as he frolicked in his Hot Tub.  

From Mel:

Thank you all those who donated such lovely cakes today & to those that donated to eat them We have, after expenses, taken a brilliant sum of £308.90

Sunday Runs

From Anita:
Easter Sunday morning run from Yeovilton, a nice flat route and great weather, lovely company so the time went by quickly which was good as I miscalculated and it ended up as 12 miles - Sarah add extra on at the end to do around 18 miles. Lynne ThumpstonEmily WhartonFrances SwatridgeKimberly LonsdaleSarah House, Mark and me

Marks Runs

The process of tapering down from longer distances continued this morning. Anita's group of 7 set off from the Yeovilton camp at just after 9 o clock. Most training for either London or NDVM. Most of us doing one lap of the Yeovil Marathon course but missing out Podimore and going in the opposite direction (clockwise). It was nice to be out on those country lanes, but without the sunshine, the cold wind made it feel like winter again. The total distance was 12 miles. It was two months ago there was a similar but longer run from the camp running anti-clockwise. Thanks all.

The run from the Teddy Rowe tonight was Multi-Terrain. We started out, running along Lenthay road and went onto the common. With a big bright sun, low down ahead we continued along fields until we reached Keepers Cottage. I don't know what they keep there, but it looked o.k. We went up a track taking us to the Bradford road. Turning right we headed to Silverlake cottages and took the lane up to the dual carriageway. Carefully crossing over we went down into Stallen. A steep climb up a track took us to Ratleigh lane. It levelled out and we ran along the top. A right turn got us descending gently as we ran along Trent Path Lane. We came out at the traffic lights and ran down Horsecastles lane back to the pub. Total distance 419 mm on the map or 6.55 miles (one mile = 64 mm). Thanks everyone for running.

Chippenham 10 miler

From Steve Lye:
In search of a 10 mile run for my hat, I ran the Chippenham 10 miler on good Friday morning. A fairly flat course and I was pretty pleased with my time.  The Easter egg has replenished the calories expended and was scoffed before I got back home!  Hopefully, the legs will have recovered in time for the Easter Bunny and good luck to all on Monday.

Summer 5k Series One

Thanks to the all those that helped on Wednesday evening for our first 5k, it was a cold evening but we did great with 183 runners, the Fun Run and great support. We have had some excellent feedback as well. The Race Director Dave Standfield did a great job, only 5 to go... Well done all.

From Mel Dodge:

A very very big Thank You to everyone that made/donated cakes for the 5K on Wednesday. With your efforts, we made just over £100, which goes towards club funds. 
We need your help again for The Easter Bunny on Monday, please. 
Don't forget we can reimburse you for ingredients if you wish. Just ask me.


Kilmington Kanter 2017

Good Friday saw the Championship Race Kilmington Kanter with a few Green and Whites taking part. This in from Matt:

It was a slightly cloudy morning with stratocumulus building from the west as the YTRRC Awesome Eight gathered at the rather picturesque village of Kilmington for the annual running of the Kanter. Seven miles, two hills, one bog, one railway bridge, one lap of the school field and a shed load of banter. The hooter blasted and we all set off with the sound of Jo Henley's phone ringing in our ears (she was "on call" so was hot-desking all the way round - it's SO important she has two phones!). Corinne Hawkins felt she had been lied to "a flat 10k" was NOT the correct description! Meanwhile, Kev Doherty led the way up the first hill with Matt puffing like he'd been on a pub run the night before! The other side of the hill looked good - it was downhill - but the marshalls were already setting up the return loop bollards (a word later used by Adam Hawkins to describe how he felt afterwards). The riverside fields should have been nice running, but the long grass was slippery for those in road shoes (it's not like we're experienced runners after all!). The return hill beckoned and the welcome sight of slurry-laden tractors gladdened our hearts. Matt was creeping closer to an unaware Kev, while Daz Swithenbank was beginning to struggle with a knee injury. but since the marshall could only offer water, not the needed carry home, he ploughed on and toughed it out. Richard "another 10k done" Dodge was merrily sauntering around enjoying the sun. Finally the last downhill towards the village and Matt took advantage of his recent mudbath running experience and swept Kev aside to the congratulatory sound of "You F.. and I didn't catch the rest". Emma Machen tactically used Corinne to pace carefully round the course and was among the rest of us who were pleased to find it was NOT a lap of the playing field upon return, but straight into the finish!!! They'd sold out of cakes by the time we all finished so we'll be members of YTRRC for many years to come to try and improve our speed! Results at ... here

From Kevin:

A Small posse of Green and Whites ventured across the border and into Devon the hunting ground of The Axe Valley runners - The event was Kilmington Kanter MT race - and a club Championship event.
Great atmosphere and weather and some friendly banter before the claxon sent us off on our way.
First 1-2 miles was a mixture of lanes and trails with a pretty steep incline, tree roots and muddy areas to boot,
Through open fields several stiles ( at about 5 miles a sneaky glance put Matt Driver about 100 plus yards behind me) suddenly we arrived at a stoney track which just seemed to go vertically up to the high heavens - most people were walking up this with a periodic jog of a few steps - this must have gone on for 500-600 metres or more. ( As I gasped for air at the summit I've got Matt Driver breathing down my neck.. expletives were exchanged in a nice way!!) The final mile and a half were mixture of narrow fast downhill stoney wet track 
( Matt Driver overtook me down here like a Banzai Kamikaze  )then onto lanes for flat section then steep hundred yards to entrance of Cricket field and the finish.
Well done Matt Driver first Yeovil Town rrc member home, Kevin Doherty second Yeovil Town RRC member home with Richard Dodge third ( and another of his 10k a day runs done).
Jo Henley is ultra skilled and proved that women are superior to men and better at multi-tasking - she took 2 phones with her dealt with  work related
Calls while running and still bagged max championship points to add to her tally ... First Yeovil Town RRC lady home .. good day at the office.
Well done also goes to Adam, Daz, Corrine and Emma too.Adam signed Corrine up saying " it's flat 10k" !!  and Daz realises when Emma sign's them up to a race there is going to be a level of discomfort at some point!!

Club Events

 1. Tuesday Club Night is at YTFC 6:15 pm 18th April.

 2. Thursday Pub run is at Ilchester Arms Ilcherster at 6:30 pm 13th April.

 3. Track night on Friday at 6:15 pm

 4. The Sunday Run will be at Goldenstones at 9:00 am 23th April 

 5. The next Championship race is Sun 30th 10k Glastonbury (SS) 11.00 am

Sunday, 9 April 2017

A New Beginning

A New Beginning 

For anyone that doesn't know the Club decided some time ago to change the look of the website and also the way we collect and do our business. We were approached by Richard and Tim Howells who run their Company "kontrolit" and for the past 3-4 months we have been setting this up and also training Simon (treasurer) Adam (Membership) and myself.

We are nearly there and hopefully will go live sometime next week. To that end, I have stopped updating the old website as it was taking up too much time running both and if you need any info for now just ask. 

The new site will manage all our membership and once we go live I would like you all to go onto it and join. This will be the same form as the membership one but all done online and eventually, all payments will be done through the site using Pay Pal so it might be worth setting a Pay Pal account up if you have not got one already. This is nor compulsory as you do not have to have an account with Pay Pal to use it but it does help. FullonsSport uses it as does White Star and more and more races are going down that way to pay.

The new website design and new logos will hopefully bring a bit more colour and is appearing on some of our new clothing range, hopefully, we will also be selling the kit this way as well.  Thanks to Chris Briggs for the logos, he has done a great job on them.

I would also like to thank the previous webmaster's down the Year's, especially Nigel Moysey for getting me started and all the work Nigel has done over the Years. It is a hard job and does take up a lot of time and you only have to look at some of the other local Running Club Websites to see how out of date they are and are hardly ever updated. 
So it's a final goodbye to this and you will just have to wait a few days till the new site.

South Down Way 50

A fair few months away Pete had an idea to run the SDW50 miler so we signed up along with Kate and John Hayden and on Friday set off for SE England somewhere. On the way down we talked about what to do next and before we knew it we have signed up for Chester Marathon and booked the hotel, Tim Hawkins is also drinking with us, I mean running the marathon as well. Anyway back to somewhere in the SE, Friday night we went to registration and had our kit checked, Head Torch, spare Torch, Waterproof, spare clothing, bottle opener etc. 

Saturday came along with some lovely sunshine and we had a photo taken of the Yeovil crew and then at 9:00am we were off to run to Eastbourne from our start point in Worthing.
It is a tough route with some of the climb well over a mile long but made up of some nice downhill, the Aid stations were great and very well run and just couldn't help you enough. The last two even had a cup and tea waiting for us. 

 Along the way Pete and I were catching up with Kate then passing then Kate would pass us and this carried on through all the Aid stations. Kate went on to be the first YTRRC runner over the line with Pete and I not far behind. I was happy with a watch saying I was doing a sub 7 on the track at mile 50. 

Pete didn't feel the love and I don't think he will be back next year but it was a great day and the sunburn is now getting better.

From Pete:

So, a bright sunny morning with blue sky and a chill breeze (on top of the downs) was the start for our (Captain Slim and myself) 50 mile challenge.  We did meet up with John and Kate Hayden at the start and had the customary club photo.  We all carried some form of camel bak which had to include 'head torch', waterproof jacket, base layer, hat and gloves and anything else you thought you might need.  Unused to carrying such loads unlike Captain Slim, I thought I wouldn't top up my bladder (keeping the weight down) and rely on the aid stations.
Wrong move, at 34 miles I did concede and half filled the bladder, at least enough hydration to get me to the next aid station.
If anyone is thinking of running this one, it is hilly, it's nothing to spend a mile going uphill?
My time at the marathon distance was 4:37:53, total time including the stops was 10 hours and 8 minutes.  The cut - off time is 13 hours.
We did run with Kate for a number of miles and caught one another up depending how long you were at each aid station.
It was a very well organised race with well-provisioned aid stations and a big bling medal at the end.
The final part of the race is run around the athletics track, I overhauled three runners and Captain Slim out did us all by sprinting around it (just because he could).
Once showered and changed all four of us made our way to a local grill place and had a meal before getting on the bus to be taken back to Worthing to pick up the car and onward to the Travel Lodge.  Swiftly followed by tea and bed.

In the morning we found a Premier Inn for breakfast before arriving back in Yeovil just before midday.

All in all a hard weekend, let's hope recovery is good as London is not very far away.

Bristol Half Marathon

I am happy to arrange this as a club trip again. It's a good course for a pb and with approx 10,000 runners there's lots of supporters around the course to cheer you on.
We need 20+ club members to get the discounted places at £31.20p. I will collect the payments and manage the booking.
You do need to be a paid up YTRRC club member to qualify for the place.
In recent years the club have provided a coach for the journey so it makes for a great day out :)
Please let me know if you are interested asap.

 I will be collecting money for the Bristol Half from now  £ 31.20p in cash or a cheque (YTRRC) in an envelope with your name and email address on it, please.

Easter Bunny

Thank you to all those that have so far volunteered to help at this year's race on Easter Monday 17th April, starting at 1100.
We still need the following marshal positions to be filled:
Stockwitch Cross (MP1&MP7) – x3
Urgashay Turn to B3151 (MP6) – x3
“S” Bends (MP8) – x2
B3151 Turn (MP11) – x2
B3151 Turn to Finish (MP12) – x2
Water stop – x4 or more if available?
Finish Funnel – x4
This year the "chips" will be incorporated in the race numbers so no snipping off ty-raps this year. I would appreciate it if we have any children who would be prepared to hand out this year's medals to the finishers. At the moment they will need to hold them unless I have sufficient time to make a stand to hang them on and they take them off one at a time? If no children are available I will accept grown-ups.
Also, I need people to hand out the race numbers in the Nuffield Centre before the race (sit down role).
Last but not least - Car Parking, two to three people to direct cars onto the car park (also re-directing FAA Museum visitors to their own car park)
I'm sure Guy and I will think of something else that needs help with so please keep an eye on Facebook/Blog or Phil's Parish Notices, thank you.

Also, the 5k Series starts on Wednesday this week so please come and help, we need marshals and help to set up and take down. Also any cake makers please help by making some lush cakes for us to sell. 

Marks Pub Runs

I enjoyed the training run led by Anita this morning. The hills and warm weather made it a tough run for me. Most of us did almost 14 miles but some did more. I thought 13 or 14 miles was good enough for a Taper. The route from Goldenstones covered Over Compton, A30 crossing, Bradford Abbas, Clifton Maybank, Stoford, Two Tower Lane, the Red House, and much of the south western part of Yeovil (East Coker road, Bunford, Preston road etc). Thanks all for a hard run.

Tonight we split into 3 groups. Our group led by J.C. went off down Hooper's lane. Jaws has a Hooper. At the corner we went off-road and ran past old broken caravans and what seemed like a junk yard. At Whistle bridge, we crossed the A37 and continued across fields to Netherton road bridge. Just before the reservoir we turned right and ran along a long muddy uneven track (Isles lane). We went right then left and back off-road across fields with sheep and lambs. We turned right onto another muddy track and ran towards Coker Court. We went left down a path and ran towards East Coker and Tellis Cross. A final bit of off-road took us towards the Red House. Crossing the A37 we ran back through Barwick round the houses and into Stoford. A good route from J.C. of 7 miles. A good dose of sun shine tonight, and a negative differential coefficient of temperature with respect to time. Good pub as well. Thanks all.

Wessex Ridgeway

From Matt Driver:
All male, female, thin, not-so-thin, daft, simple, and damp (?) runners wanted...
Got your attention?
May 21st...YTRRC need two teams of six for a blast across Dorset
See Wessex Relay

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at  YTFC 6:15 pm 11th April.

2. Thursday Pub run is at Teddy Rowe Sherborne at 6:30 pm 13th April. 

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15 pm  

4.  The Sunday Run will be at Goldenstones at 9:00 am 16th April 

5. The next Championship race is Fri14th 7 ml Kilmington Kanter 11.00 am

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Taunton, Manchester, Penselwood and Crewkerne

Taunton Half and Full Marathon

Taunton Marathon had a few Green and Whites in Taunton today with a new better route and lovely running weather for a sun tan. In the half, we had Leyton Green first over the line and Nikki Guiver our first lady. 

The full results for the Half can be seen here.

In the full we had some bloke called Guy taking first place for the Club with a PB whoopie, with JC take the second spot. It was a great day out and good to see this local race in its 34th year. The full results for the Full can be seen here


Wakefield 10k

Bryn was at Wakefield for the 10k and had a great run with a pb as well. He posted:

A good morning at the office came in 6th and gained a new PB, finally a sub 34 10k. A good out and back hilly route so really pleased with the time. Safe to say I think I was the only YTRRC runner in this one.

Nice one Bryn 

Manchester Marathon

Today saw the Manchester Marathon with Tim, Pete and Georgina pounding the streets. Tim managed a 2:40 with Pete a 3:23 and Georgina 4:50. Well done all great running.

Penselwood 10k

A Championship race so a few Green and Whites at this race. 

From Adam:

Ten YTRRC members took on the very 'undulating' Penselwood 10k - beautiful scenery - lovely weather - bacon rolls and cakes, and a drink in the Hunters Arms afterwards.
What more could you want!
Congratulations to Orlando Brook - 2nd -36.40 despite a little diversion!
and Jo Henley - 3rd Female - 50.12

Matt Driver was the 2nd YTRRC over the line with Kevin Doherty not far behind. Rob Adams finished 2 seconds in front of Jo!

Good to see Aubrey Wood back running in races again. The full results can be seen here.
Many thanks to YTRRC members who assisted with the Yeovil Primary Schools Cross Country this week - setting out the course, marshalling etc.
462 children age 6 - 11, from 25 local schools, finished in the four races!!

Thanks Adam

Crewkerne Training 

Sounds like it was a good training session organised by Crewkerne in prep for up and coming marathons.

Some of the posts from Facebook:

Frances Swatridge I really enjoyed that today; great company and weather. Thanks LynneAnita and Martin. Thanks to Crewkerne for drinks etc.

Lynne Thumpston Lovely run , great company, you were in our thoughts Kimberly , get better soon x

Martin Alderman Was a lovely run & great company with nice snacks

Emily Wharton
Super chuffed with today's 22 mile run organised by Crewkerne Running Club, nice route with lovely people aiding the water stations and really surprised myself with the time we got round in! A massive thank you to Louise Ward for running with me!! Now ready for the taper :)#3weekstogo ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผ

Well done all lovely weather for it as well.

Bristol Half

I am happy to arrange this as a club trip again. It's a good course for a pb and with approx 10,000 runners, theres lots of supporters around the course to cheer you on.
We need 20+ club members to get the discounted places at £31.20p. I will collect the payments and manage the booking.
You do need to be a paid up YTRRC club member to qualify for the place.
In recent years the club have provided a coach for the journey so it makes for a great day out :)
Please let me know if you are interested asap.

Marks Runs

I enjoyed this excellant 22 mile supported training run put on by Crewkerne Running club today. It started cool just after 8:30, and by my finish at just after 12:30 it was very warm. The run was very well organised and supported with frequent refreshment stations along the way. It was a big clockwise loop covering Shepton Beauchamp, Barrington, Puckington, Isle Brewers, Hambridge, Drayton, Muchelney, Muchelney Ham, Stapleton, Martock, and the Parrett Works. Starting and finishing in South Petherton. There is definitely a wall to get through at around 20 miles. The refreshments just outside of Muchelney had blue sky sunshine and great views across the levels, and of the nearby church tower. I enjoyed this great training run, and running with the other runners from YTRRC. Thanks all.

The first summer time pub run of the year was from Wayne's Bar. We split into 3 or possibly 4 groups tonight. J.C. led four of us at a fairly fast pace round a 7.93 mile route. We left the bar and ran down to West Camel, then onto Queen Camel. We continued along lanes towards Sutton Montis with mountains straight ahead. We crossed the railway line and passed Windsor farm before turning right to go off-road. The cows in the field were small and friendly. We followed the path across the fields and made one correction by going through a hedge, over a ditch, and over a fence. The path came out at Easton Farm. It felt really good to be off-road in day light for more than a mile. It was then back onto lanes, over the railway line to Marston Magna. The lanes continued westwards and northwards untill we got to Chantry Lane. It was then back to the bar past Sunnydene Farm. Thanks to J.C. Phil and all.
A couple years ago, we got lost, and were late getting back to the pub at Marston, attempting this same bit of off-road.
Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at  YTFC 6:15 pm 4th April.

2. Thursday Pub run is at Royal Oak Stowford at 6:30 pm 6th April. 

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15 pm  

4.  The Sunday Run will be at Montacute at 9:00 am 2nd April 

5. The next Championship race is Fri14th 7 ml Kilmington Kanter 11.00 am

Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Yeovil Half 2017

The Yeovil Half Marathon 2017

First of all a great turn out by the Club both from those running and the support around the course. It was a great day for running but cold for the supporters early on. 

Well done to James Flynn who was first Clum member over the line with Darrell Sheen 2 seconds behind bet that was a good race down the Quedam. Our first lady was Nikki Guiver with Anna Lloyd very close behind. The club results can be seen here. We had 83 runners who were registered as Yeovil Town RRC, so if your name is missing you need to update your Full on Sport profile.  

The full results can be seen here.

A massive well done to all the Club runners who managed PB's and also those running their first Half. A big thanks to Steve and Linda for the photographs especially the new Club Group phot. Sorry is you were not in it as it was taken slightly early as the organisers wanted us at the start. 

Just some of the photographs that were taken today. 

From Emma Machen:

Massive thanks to those of you that were out there cheering today and an even bigger thank you to Adam for keeping me going for most of the race, I'd never have got under 2:30 without you! This time last year me and Daz Swithenbank were sat on the sofa complaining about the roads being closed and this year we were running in it ๐Ÿ˜‚ our first half marathon! Couldn't have done it without loads of you lovely people at the club, keeping us going in the early days when a 5k was a struggle let alone a half! So many of you have given us advice, support and praise since we joined last August. So thank you! For making us feel welcome and for making us 2 very happy people this morning when we crossed that finish line! 

And finally, as they missed the Group photograph.
Magdalena Kuล›mierczyk and Yunmi Jang

Kids Cross Country 

From Adam:

The final Primary Schools Cross Country of the season
This Wednesday 29th March
Yeovil/Mudford Rec.
Any help much appreciated, anytime between 2.00 and 5.00pm
400+ children expected!!

Yeovil Dark Knights

A trip in the Dark (although it was light driving there)
Saturday 25th saw the presentation evening for the Wild Night Run Series of which a small posse of YTRRC runners have been attending under the pseudonym “The Dark Knights”. The venue was a small pub on Dartmoor so a quick tour of the surrounding area including turning up at the wrong village was inevitable.

Unfortunately, only Anita Rufus and Matt Driver made the journey with others saving themselves for the exertions of Sunday morning to come…but we made our presence felt!
Overall Series Short Course stars included Steph Brearey – 1st senior female overall, backed up by Liz Diamond in 3rd. Anita scored 2nd vet 40 too!

With the Male Overall Series Short Course, we had Nathan Gardiner – 2nd male overall also backed up by Richard Dodge as 2nd Vet 50!

In the Long Series events, we’re talking 1/2m, 10 miles, 10K, there was a series-long battle for points culminating in a win needed at the last event. Matt achieved this, thereby drawing equal first for Male Vet 50 with a chap called Nick White – they then battled for the title of “cheesiest smile”, but Matt doesn’t like cheese so he lost that.

Marks Runs

We split into 3 groups tonight for the pub run at West Chinnock. Simon's run took us westwards to Bow Gate and onto the A356. A left turn at Hut Gate got us heading towards Merriott. We turned right and ran past a pub and the church. At the end, we turned left and ran down to the shop. This shop supplied me with a pork pie on a long Sunday training run a year or more ago. A left turn completed the loop of the village and we ran back the way we came in. No real darkness tonight and no stars to gaze at. The international space station, previously reported, was more likely to have been Venus. We went up Snails Hill and ran through Middle Chinnock. We continued past Poop Hill Bridge. I can't remember any smell though. The final leg of this 6.4 mile run was past the olden petrol pumps back to the pub.

Club Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at  YTFC 6:15 pm 28th March.

2. Thursday Pub run is at Waynes Bar Nr RNAS Yeovilton / A303 at 6:30 pm 30th March. 

3.  Track night on Friday at 6:15 pm  

4.  The Sunday Run will be at Montacute at 9:00 am 2nd April 

5. The next Championship race is Sun 2nd 10k Penselwood 11.00 am